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Just wanted to let you know that our experience with your company has been nothing short of AMAZING. The office girls were kind and respectful and Kent the repairman was informative, kind and efficient! Thank you all for your quick response and your great work!!

Paul Gardell

We have had a terrific relationship with Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning for many years. We schedule routine maintenance twice a year and feel confident that allows our furnace and air conditioner to perform very efficiently. Thank you for providing outstanding service that meets our needs. We would highly recommend your company to others!

Dallas & LeAnn Holmes

Tyler, thank you for responding so quickly to check out my furnace. I am reassured to know that it is safe and performing well. Since you did such a thorough service, I will sleep better tonight.

Mary Wellmon

Icy winds and heavy snowfalls in Cache Valley are constant reminders that winter weather in Utah can be brutal. At the end of a long day, you want nothing more than to return home to a warm, cozy home sheltered from the bitter-cold temperatures outside.

Well, you’re in luck. The experienced team at Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning provides a number of services that can provide you with those comfortable and reliable solutions you can count on in your home. 

Furnace Installation & Replacement

When it comes to home heating in Utah, the majority of structures rely on the furnace as the main heating source. This method of central heating works by pushing warm air through ducts and releasing warm air into the various rooms throughout your home or building. It is an efficient, budget-friendly option and certainly one of the most popular ways to heat homes in today’s world. Furnaces can be run by electricity, natural gas or oil.

Do I need a new furnace?

If you can check off two or three of these signs, it’s a pretty good indication that you’ll need a replacement furnace in the near future. We know that buying a new furnace for your home is an investment, but the good news is that Advanced Heating & Air can handle all of your replacement and furnace installation needs in Logan, UT to Preston, ID and beyond.

Our featured brands:

Furnace Upkeep & Maintenance

When the efficiency of your furnace starts to kick the can, it will generally affect more than just your in-home comfort. Not only will you notice high heating bills, dirty air, and a noisy heating system, but your family’s mood could suffer, too!

Keep your household smiling and your heating system running right with regular maintenance from Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning. Our certified, friendly technicians will complete a list of heating system checks to give you the best chance at a smoothly running furnace all season long. Our annual furnace tune-up in Logan, UT, our furnace tune-up in Smithfield, UT, and our furnace tune-up in the rest of Cache County includes:

Furnace Repairs

No matter how much tender loving care you give to your furnace, eventually a problem will occur which will require some repair. These problems can happen at the most inconvenient times, such as during a particularly cold day or when you’ve got family over.

Luckily, many furnace systems often only require a quick fix. By hiring a professional, you’ll be able to ensure that your home has comfortable heat when you most need it.

Does my furnace need repairs?

If you’ve noticed two or three of these signs, it probably means that your furnace is in need of some repairs. When this happens, it’s important not to put these repairs off. Many common furnace issues can be mended with a quick repair from Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning, but if you let a furnace issue fester, it will only lead to more costly problems down the road.

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